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Construction Worker Curses Yankees

4/14/2008 11:05:00 AM
This story brings so many thoughts to mind, I'm not really sure where to begin. First off, a short summary for those of you that haven't heard about this yet:

A construction worker's bid to curse the New York Yankees by planting a Boston Red Sox jersey in their new stadium was foiled Sunday when the home team removed the offending shirt from its burial spot.

Second of all, a few observations. If you're going to do something like this - keep it quiet until the construction is done and it's past the point of no return. Next - we need to sent this story to Homeland Security and have them learn from this:

On Saturday, construction workers who remembered the employee, Gino Castignoli, phoned in tips about the shirt's location. "We had anonymous people come tell us where it was, and we were able to find it," said Frank Gramarossa, a project executive with Turner Construction, the general contractor on the site. It took about five hours of drilling Saturday to locate the shirt under 2 feet of concrete, he said.

That my friends is efficiency. Too bad for the Gino's failed curse. I'll just have to go back to poking my Yankees voodoo doll with knitting needles.

Click (here) to read the article.

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1 Response to "Construction Worker Curses Yankees"

  1. Will Said,

    That is exactly the point. Why tell people when you aren't even done with construction.

    Oral Diarrhea gets the best of many.

    Even funnier, the guy probably wouldn't have faced any charges had the stadium been completed. It would just be categorized as an urban legend until proven otherwise.

    Posted on 4/15/08, 11:04 AM


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