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I was originally going to wait until after I read the book so that I could post a review, but the New York Times already did it and they write a whole lot more eloquently than I do.

I first learned about my friend Stefan's novel being published almost a year ago when he was working with various publishers to get things going and I eagerly awaited the April 1st release date. Well, Tuesday after work, I swung by the Border's in Downtown Crossing to pick up a copy - and there it was at the end of the New Hardcovers table.

I'll keep everyone informed as to when he comes around to Boston to do book signings/readings. I have the good fortune of being on vacation next week, so it works out well in giving me some free time to read it.

And just for good measure, here's a picture of Stefan appearing a lot more unkempt than he did in highschool. And if you're reading - congratulations, man. Next time you're in town we'll have to pick up another case of bud light and catch up like the old days.

Click (here) to read the NY Times review.

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