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Bruce Willis Is Officially In Boston

4/24/2008 02:07:00 PM
Most of the news outlets have reported that Bruce Willis and his girlfriend were in town for the Celtics game against Atlanta. And there's pictures to confirm it:

But for those of you that are faithful readers of this blog, you also know that he's in town to start filming his movie: The Surrogates (here) for which some of you went to the casting call (here).

Blogger Reader Erica had this to report today:

I spotted Bruce Willis and his girlfriend enjoying a leisurely stroll through the public garden while I was on my lunch break today. They seemed to be enjoying themselves and no one around me noticed it was them. I wasn't about to ask for an autograph because I didn't want to ruin their time by drawing attention to them.

Thanks for the update Erica! I wonder if they're staying close by the Public Garden. Possibly at the Ritz or the Four Seasons?

4/9/08 - Notice of the casting call for The Surrogates (here)

4/11/08 - Notice of 2nd "secret" casting call for The Surrogates (here)

4/30/08 - Call sign for The Surrogates is "VSI" which stands for Virtual Self Inc (here)

5/5/08 - VSI sign spotted outside South Station (here)

5/30/08 - Globe reports that they are filming in Lynn today (here)

6/2/08 - The former Security National Bank stood in as an electronics store for a scene shot in Lynn (here)

6/4/08 - The Surrogates will be filming at the corner of Mass Ave and Comm Ave in Back Bay (here)

6/6/08 - Picture from The Surrogates set on Mass Ave and Comm Ave (here)

6/20/08 - The Globe features an article on Lynn and the filming of The Surrogates there as well as disclosing the location of the set in Lynn (here)

7/1/08 - An image of extras filming on Water Street. The scene filmed may be the end of the movie (here)

7/15/08 - More VSI signs spotted in the Financial District pointing to South Station (here)

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58 Response to "Bruce Willis Is Officially In Boston"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Geez, Bruce is looking like a tough version of Michael Stipe!

    Posted on 4/25/08, 8:50 AM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    The Surrogates will start filming in Worcester on Monday at the old court house and the old trade school.

    Posted on 4/25/08, 1:52 PM

  3. Unknown Said,

    I got a part as a surrogate, so hopefully Bruce will be in the scene I'm shooting, and I'll update you guys :)

    Posted on 4/25/08, 2:44 PM

  4. randy Said,

    is bruce in worcester on tueday and any one know if kate Hudson will tueday thanks

    Posted on 4/28/08, 11:55 AM

  5. Anonymous Said,

    I know for sure that Bruce is staying at the Liberty hotel w/ the rest of the cast from the Surrogates

    Posted on 4/30/08, 3:02 PM

  6. randy Said,

    are you sure bruce at the liberty and how about Hudson

    Posted on 4/30/08, 10:32 PM

  7. randy Said,

    are they filming in Boston this weekend let me know thanks

    Posted on 5/2/08, 5:34 PM

  8. Anonymous Said,

    theya are filiming by the new Marriott Renaissance tonight in the Seaport District until midnight. They are filming a car scene with a baglady, all kinds of action over here.

    Posted on 5/3/08, 8:09 PM

  9. Anonymous Said,

    i saw them in woburn filming, they had a blown up helicopter, police cars, and a bunch of other banged up cars.

    Posted on 5/6/08, 9:28 AM

  10. Anonymous Said,

    any idea where they will be filming this weekend???

    Posted on 5/7/08, 4:08 PM

  11. Anonymous Said,

    Right now (May 9th at 3pm) Surrogatess trucks and craft services for the movie are on Harrison Ave. in the South End (Harrison and E. Berkley).

    Posted on 5/9/08, 2:57 PM

  12. Anonymous Said,

    Bruce was filming a scene on the red line last night. I saw the crew setting up on the train at Alewife around 12:30 or so, and supposedly the scene films between Kendall and Charles MGH. (Nice View!)

    The T worker I was chatting with says they'll be filming again tonight. If you are at Alewife around end of service tonight, look for Bruce in a blonde wig and a 3 piece suit!

    Posted on 5/11/08, 12:46 PM

  13. randy Said,

    anonymous i just got home 3am did not see any thing let me know if you here any think again thank for the tip RANDY

    Posted on 5/12/08, 2:45 AM

  14. Anonymous Said,

    they are filming in cleveland circle in brighton right now

    Posted on 5/13/08, 8:04 PM

  15. yaguara2003 Said,

    Does anyone know if they are looking for extras, crew/PA's etc? And how i can submit my info for the rest of this film/movie?

    who is handling extras??

    Posted on 5/16/08, 1:47 AM

  16. Anonymous Said,

    VSI (The Surrogates) is setting up at the old lucent building in North Andover this morning

    Posted on 5/16/08, 8:43 AM

  17. Beantown Bloggery Said,

    To yaguara2003,
    They held a casting call for The Surrogates in early April. I've updated this blog entry with links all my entries on The Surrogates including the casting call. There may be an email there that you can try reaching out to. From what I've read Boston Casting has been handling a lot of the extra work going on.

    Posted on 5/16/08, 11:07 AM

  18. Anonymous Said,

    He's in Cambridge today. Pizza delivery guy said traffic is horrendous around Central Square and they're setting up at the park on Hancock St for filming tonight.

    Posted on 5/19/08, 8:05 PM

  19. Anonymous Said,

    Trucks began arriving at the old Worcester Court House in Lincoln Square yesterday. Three parking lots were full by the end of the day. Everything is low-key so far, except for a bright red truck marked "PANAVISION - NEW YORK CITY" in big letters.

    Posted on 5/20/08, 8:06 AM

  20. Anonymous Said,

    there are jets arriving at worcester airport today...

    Posted on 5/20/08, 2:32 PM

  21. Anonymous Said,

    Bruce was on set at the old courthouse in Worcester today. One of my co-workers saw him yesterday and said he had no hair but did have some facial hair.

    Security confirmed to me today he was filming in the courthouse as of 3pm today!

    Posted on 5/20/08, 4:55 PM

  22. randy Said,

    is Bruce going to be at the court house wnday let me know and time

    Posted on 5/20/08, 10:23 PM

  23. Anonymous Said,

    i met bruce last night. :) he was staying at a hotel i work at. hes in worcesttttterrrr

    Posted on 5/21/08, 10:32 AM

  24. Anonymous Said,

    You guys don't want to work on this show. There are two guys in the production office that are fools with mommy issues. It's actually kind of fun to watch them because they think they know what they're doing but in actuality, they're stressed out idiots.

    Posted on 5/21/08, 11:06 AM

  25. Anonymous Said,

    I drove by the old Worcester Court House last night. Plenty of police control outside, a few big rigs and about 25 trailers. Filming started late in the afternoon and ended late Thursday Night. Portions of the building itself have been re done to accomodate VSI.

    Look for Bruce at the Crowne or the Beechwood :)

    Posted on 5/22/08, 1:00 PM

  26. Anonymous Said,

    Anonymous said...
    VSI (The Surrogates) is setting up at the old lucent building in North Andover this morning

    5/16/08 8:43 AM

    .........You guys don't want to work on this show. There are two guys in the production office that are fools with mommy issues. It's actually kind of fun to watch them because they think they know what they're doing but in actuality, they're stressed out idiots.

    5/21/08 11:06 AM you work on the Surrogates?...were you at their office? how did you know this?

    Posted on 5/22/08, 8:50 PM

  27. Anonymous Said,

    Bruce is off for a long Memorial Day weekend holiday. He will return to Wooosta on Tuesday 5/27 and film through the 29th. Too bad he has such an attitude about the public. It would be great to meet him!

    Posted on 5/23/08, 6:34 PM

  28. Anonymous Said,

    Saw Bruce Willis leaving the rear of the old Worcester Court house at 5:30 this evening, him & his girlfriend (Ema) left in a Black Cadillac Escalade shortly thereafter presumabley heading back to their Boston Hotel or perhaps NYC for the weekend. About an hour ago (9:30 pm) i drove by the old Worcester Voke High School & they are shooting scenes there as we speak (without Bruce) in the rear of the building heading towards the Worcester Art Museum...

    Posted on 5/23/08, 10:21 PM

  29. Anonymous Said,

    does anyone know the dates he is going to be taping in hopedale?? there are a couple security guards at the set there.

    Posted on 5/27/08, 8:57 AM

  30. Anonymous Said,

    Where in Hopedale?

    Posted on 5/27/08, 11:13 AM

  31. Anonymous Said,

    Might as well add to the rumor mill. I've heard reports that after Worcester, they move to Lynn and them to downtown Boston.

    Posted on 5/27/08, 11:14 AM

  32. Anonymous Said,

    they are filming behind the old draper mill, they have been setting up for a few days just wondering when they where making there way down here.

    Posted on 5/27/08, 12:18 PM

  33. Anonymous Said,

    I met Bruce Willis!!!! I just met Bruce Willis in Worcester. I live in Worcester, just met him at the Gym that I go to in Shrewsbury (right on the Worcester line) He was there working out with his Trainer Gunnar Peterson and his girlfriend Emma Hemming. He didn't seem to want to be bothered with anyone, but on his way out I went up and said hi and shook his hand... anyways.. it was once in a lifetime opportunity, I had to do it! I grew up watching his movies... he is the best!!! He is in town for a couple of months filming a movie (The Surrogates) here in Worcester at the old Worcester Court House right off Highland and Main Street.. WELCOME TO WORCESTER BRUCE!!!!!

    Posted on 5/28/08, 11:11 PM

  34. gjblass Said,

    Bruce, will be filming in Lynn tomorrow May 30, off of Union Street, on Willow. I live in the building where they are filming.

    Posted on 5/29/08, 4:05 PM

  35. Anonymous Said,

    If anyone sees them in Boston next week, please post the exact location right away!

    Posted on 5/29/08, 7:13 PM

  36. Anonymous Said,

    I've heard from a credible source that they will be filming in the north station area in boston tomorrow.

    Posted on 5/30/08, 4:36 PM

  37. Anonymous Said,

    1. Were they at North Station on Sat?
    2. Do they normally film on Saturdays?
    3. Anyone know where they will be this week?

    Posted on 5/31/08, 9:55 PM

  38. Anonymous Said,

    hello,boston!how are you?i'm the italian...i love bruce,too!kiss & peace!

    Posted on 6/1/08, 6:05 PM

  39. Anonymous Said,

    I have an unconfirmed report of a movie crew in the area of Columbus Ave btw Clarendon and Berkley. Can anyone verify this and provide more details?

    Posted on 6/3/08, 12:56 PM

  40. Anonymous Said,

    I rec'd an update: The filming is in an alley off Clarendon near Tremont in the South End. However, no big "stars" have been sited.

    Posted on 6/3/08, 3:41 PM

  41. Anonymous Said,

    You will see VSi signs on Huntington Ave by the Marriot, they are in the area.

    Posted on 6/3/08, 4:31 PM

  42. Anonymous Said,

    Actually Bruce is filming at the Beehive on Tremont St. Spoke with some of the crew while I was out and about. They expect to finish up by 6pm.

    Posted on 6/3/08, 4:41 PM

  43. Anonymous Said,

    I spoke with two crew members today. They will be filming at the corner of Mass Ave and Comm Ave today through next week!

    Posted on 6/4/08, 2:41 PM

  44. Anonymous Said,

    I live next door to the building they're filiming in (Comm Ave at Mass Ave) and there are tons of people around including middle-aged women looking for Bruce and it's loud and annoying.

    Posted on 6/5/08, 12:59 PM

  45. A Said,

    They're at Mass & Comm this week and coming back (I think just for a day or so) next week.

    I just walked by the set. There's a group of young guys milling around in suits- I think they might be extras. ?

    However- no Bruce sightings! :) YET!

    Posted on 6/5/08, 6:38 PM

  46. Eger Said,

    I had just riden my bike past a bunch of movie lights on cherry pickers, and looked up at them as I waited for traffic to clear on Mass Ave. The light changed and as I rode across, this guy with a really obvious looking fake tan and cheesy haircut staired me down as I crossed. I made eye contact back thinking "who is this fake tanned geek." As I made my way down Comm Ave, I remembered the movie lights, and realized that I had just seen Bruce Willis in make up and hadn't even realized.

    Posted on 6/6/08, 3:42 PM

  47. Anonymous Said,

    bruce was at my parents italian restaurant in millbury sat nite the 31st of may..noone knew he was there..he was wearing a blonde wig and a hat, so noone would recognze him..but he told everyone that we have the best italian food around and that he will def be back and also bought a house on singletary lake in cool

    Posted on 6/11/08, 10:29 AM

  48. Anonymous Said,

    I've heard they are in Taunton this week & last. Somewhere near Hopedale last week of June

    Posted on 6/16/08, 10:20 PM

  49. Anonymous Said,

    they are currently filming in lynn right now. i saw boston police cars and motorcycle stuntmen. many things have been switched around in downtown lynn. theres todays happenings.

    Posted on 6/18/08, 3:50 PM

  50. Anonymous Said,

    Yuh, Lynn is an easy town to shut down - not much going on downtown as it is. The bikes appear pretty retro, BTW.

    Posted on 6/19/08, 4:07 PM

  51. Anonymous Said,

    They will be filming in downtown boston, financial district probably today. I'm not sure of the exact dates that they'll be there till. But the location is Franklin St. I saw that 2 streets were blocked no cars can go through when I was traveling on summer st. There are big signs with the words VSI among other things. Also saw filming equipment around there in one of the blocked off streets.

    Posted on 6/21/08, 4:53 PM

  52. Anonymous Said,

    i walked right into the middle of the set today & snapped a few pics of dead dummys and flipped over cars and crashes in was pretty awesome!

    Posted on 6/21/08, 4:57 PM

  53. Bill Clerico Said,

    i just saw bruce at the liberty hotel like 5 minutes ago

    Posted on 6/21/08, 5:37 PM

  54. Russ Said,

    i also got some pics of the cars on franklin street:

    Posted on 6/23/08, 10:44 AM

  55. Anonymous Said,

    I dunno when any action will take place but the flats behind the Draper works in Hopedale is totally jammed with catering tents and StarrWagons and crawling with police.

    Posted on 6/24/08, 3:02 PM

  56. Anonymous Said,

    I saw Bruce about 3 times on the set in Hopedale. He was wearing an old, ripped up FBI jacket and he had longish blonde hair. Oh and he also had a blue sleeve like thing on his arm.

    Also one day we were watching stunts, and we saw this guy with blonde hair and in a blue suit standing on a roof jumping into something. We figured it was nothing, but the next day we heard it actaully was him doing the stunts...

    Posted on 6/27/08, 6:29 PM

  57. Anonymous Said,

    Does anyone know where Bruce film will be shotting next? i saw them in hopedale this weekend.

    Posted on 6/30/08, 6:39 PM

  58. Anonymous Said,

    I've noticed the Board for the movie on IMDB has more info:

    Posted on 7/1/08, 7:37 PM

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