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Bottled Water: Friend or Foe?

4/07/2008 01:27:00 AM
How do you feel about bottled water? It's been the center of a lot of issues lately: health-related and environmentally-related.

First off, I think I'll address the environmental issues. A couple weeks ago, the Globe reported on a proposed change to the MA bottling law:

The law allows consumers to redeem 5 cents for bottles and cans of soda, beer, malt beverages, and mineral water, but it doesn't allow for the return of noncarbonated bottles of water, iced tea, juices, or energy drinks, which now account for about one-third of all beverages sold in Massachusetts.

My only question, does that mean my water is now going to cost 5 cents more per bottle? Right now it costs a little under $5 for a case of water at Costco (30'ish bottles?). A 5 cent deposit would mean another $1.50 tacked on. Ouch. But then again if it encourages recycling, that's better for our environment. Click (here) to read the recycling article.

Next up, restaurants pledging to use tap water instead of bottled (here).

In a collective effort to reduce the negative impact of bottled water, Cambridge, Somerville, and a handful of local restaurants have joined Boston in pledging to use tap water instead. Concerned by the cost, waste, and safety of bottled water, they hope others will follow their lead.

How do I feel about this? Well to answer that, I turn to another recent article entitled "Prescription Drugs Found In Drinking Water Across U.S." (here) Yes it's trace amounts - but the last thing I need is minute traces of sex hormones in my drinking water.

In summary - I don't know how I feel about bottled water. I'm so confused.... so very confused.

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3 Response to "Bottled Water: Friend or Foe?"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    60 million plastic bottles a day are disposed of in America alone! Massive volumes of greenhouse gases are produced in the making of plastic bottles. Fossil fuel emissions are wasted in transporting millions of bottles of water every day. All of this is causing irreparable harm to our planet and all good reasons to say no to bottled water. We should all be switching to a home water filter for one and most importantly we should help spread the word. Bottled water is not the answer, I found this interesting site that has up to date information about the harmful effects of bottled water: www.bottled It shows all kinds of reports by the EPA and talks about safe alternatives.

    Posted on 4/7/08, 12:47 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Like a diamond - plastic is forever!

    read on:

    Posted on 4/7/08, 8:14 PM

  3. Anonymous Said,

    Thanks for the great article! I will definitely keep that in mind next time.

    Posted on 4/15/08, 8:28 AM


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