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Who knew there were contests for this kind of stuff. But then again, now I am kind of curious to drive down to Southampton and try their water.

A panel of judges at the Great American Water Taste Test has decided that Southampton has the best-tasting drinking water in the country. The contest is held each year on Earth Day during a meeting of the National Rural Water Association in Washington.

Using the same standards as wine testers, the judges sampled drinking water entries from 39 states for bouquet, clarity and taste.

Southampton Water Superintendent Joseph Slattery told the Republican newspaper of Springfield that he personally drew the sample from a town well that draws water from the Barnes Aquifer. He said the water is so clean and natural it doesn't even have to be treated.

Eeek, I take that back. I just googlemapped it and it's 100 miles away. At today's gas prices coupled with the fact that I drive a gas guzzler - the trip would probably cost me $200 in gas for a free glass of water.

And before anyone gives me crap for driving an SUV. I walk to work - I only drive it about once a week to do grocery shopping and such.

Click (here) for the Globe article.

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