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Tuition Free at MIT

3/10/2008 01:32:00 PM
Two days ago, I got a huge slap in the face via email from MIT. It went a little something like this:

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) today announced its financial aid program for 2008-2009. Increases in financial aid will make it possible for a larger fraction of MIT students to have their tuition and fees completely covered.

Whereas I'm glad that perhaps my kids in the future will get to go to MIT for free (although I suppose I'd like to endeavor to make enough $ that I don't need to worry about it) it's a little bit painful to know that I've got loans to pay for the next 12'ish years and my sister has loans for the next 15.

Where were you guys a couple years ago? Sheesh.

Anyway, the gist of the story is that those coming from families making below $75K a year will be able to go to MIT tuition free. This adds MIT to the growing list of schools that are increasing financial aid for their students. Other schools include: Stanford, Dartmouth, Cornell, Harvard, Yale Brown, etc.

Click (here) to read a Globe article covering the subject.

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1 Response to "Tuition Free at MIT"

  1. shopaphilia Said,

    Yup, definitely noticed that tidbit of news then sighed at the balance on my student loan...

    Oh well...

    Posted on 3/11/08, 5:31 PM


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