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Tax Breaks for Movie Industry

3/27/2008 01:33:00 PM
Faithful readers of this blog know know that I love to blog about celebrities and movie filming sites around the Boston area. And for those of you that haven't been around for the past several years, this is a fairly new occurrence thanks to tax breaks that the state has given the movie industry. Off the top of my head, here are a few movies that are/were filmed in Boston: Pink Panther 2, Gone Baby Gone, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Ashecliffe, and a currently untitled Kevin James Comedy.....the list goes on.

There's an article in the Globe today that just strikes me as completely idiotic. The title of it is: "Tax Breaks Draw Films, But Cost State." Basically it's saying that the tax breaks = lost revenue for the state. Thanks Sherlock - that's the definition of a tax break.

Here's the thing, would you rather collect less taxes from the movie industry or no taxes at all? If there were no tax breaks in MA, you can bet that some other state would give them and we wouldn't be filming anything here - that's lots of lost revenue for all the businesses/employees that benefit from the movie folks being here.

Click (here) to read the article, but only if you have three minutes of your life you feel like wasting.

UPDATE: I was informed that the name "Mallcop" is not the official name of the movie, and it is currently officially known as "Untitled Kevin James Comedy."

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1 Response to "Tax Breaks for Movie Industry"

  1. Will Said,

    I totally agree with you. Movies have to be made somewhere and I'd rather them be made in MA. Tax breaks will occur anywhere, but the revenue, jobs, other related business will definitely all be positive to the MA economy.

    Plus, it is always cool to see your hometown in movies.

    Posted on 3/28/08, 11:27 AM


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