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Student Housing Limit Zoning Change

3/13/2008 11:42:00 AM
If you're a student, I'm sure you've already been aware of this for a while. For those of you that haven't heard, the Boston Zoning Commission passed a measure yesterday that limits the number of college students allowed to live together in an apartment.

The Boston Zoning Commission set a limit of four yesterday on the number of college students who can live together off campus, a far-reaching decision that could spur a citywide crackdown on crowded student housing.

Some students and property owners condemned the sweeping measure, arguing that it further burdens already cash-strapped students and may force many into more expensive college dormitories.

So supposedly, this was done to make the city more "family friendly" and prevent those rowdy late night parties that youngins in college tend to have.

First off, I believe the law is that you can have two people per bedroom in an apartment. So if its a 3 bedroom place, then I'd say legally they should be able to have 6 people in there if they want - whether they're students or not.

It does bother me a bit though that as the Globe said this would force students to live in their "more expensive college dormitories." Isn't that a pretty serious issue? The fact that the dorms are more expensive than finding apartments outside? I will admit, I joined a fraternity while in school for two reasons. One, the guys were awesome. Two, it was cheaper to live at the frat house than it was to live in the dorms. I was already paying a ton in tuition, the least the school could do was provide affordable housing.

With all the measures from schools lately to provide more financial aid for tuition (here) - how about also looking at how much you're charging students for their dorm rooms. Student housing should not be a profit center for colleges. They're already paying you to be there. No need to gouge them cause they need to physically be nearby to attend class.

Click (here) to read the Globe article.

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2 Response to "Student Housing Limit Zoning Change"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    great point. Instead of punishing students who were forced off campus, it would make more sense to require colleges to provide adequate housing for their students. It's ridiculous that colleges like BC and BU don't guarantee their students housing, in effect relying on allston/brighton to absorb the surplus. I'm interested to see whether the crime rates go down in Boston. These new measures could jsut expand the number of apartments that are rented by students. On a side note, isn't it odd that Mike Ross was the one to spearhead this campaign? As I recall, wasn't he elected heavily on the support of college-aged voters? Why is he turning against his base?

    Posted on 3/13/08, 12:13 PM

  2. Beantown Bloggery Said,

    Dear Anonymous,
    I agree with you. Up until my sophomore year at MIT there weren't enough dorms to house everyone. As a result 50% of males at MIT joined fraternities in part because we needed a place to live. When my brother went to Johns Hopkins, I believe they only guaranteed housing for your first couple of years. After that you had to fend for yourself - and no offense to Baltimore but it wasn't the safest place to be.

    Posted on 3/14/08, 10:50 AM


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