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Passing Strange: A Review

3/10/2008 12:38:00 PM
I saw my first Broadway show this past weekend - a relatively new show that - called Passing Strange. I was especially excited to see it because I had read a blurb in the Boston Globe earlier in the week about how this particular show is produced by Boston-based theater producer Spring Sirkin. Even on Broadway in NYC, there's a little bit of Boston in the air.

The show recounted the tale of a teenage boy that leaves his middle-class suburban home in LA in search of himself and in search of what's "real." His travels take him to Europe with brief stints in Amsterdam and then Berlin while he searches for himself. He never really succeeds until he comes full circle and returns back home to LA at the closing of the musical.

Passing Strange is a small production with a sparsely decorated stage and a relatively small cast. Nevertheless, it was an amazing show with great music. The gf and I had a great time and coincidentally, we left the theater with the same curious thought. Was the narrator telling an autobiographical story about himself? We had both noticed the similarities in dress that the main character and the narrator shared. Same color shirt, blazer, and shoes.

I didn't find the answer until I went back to the Boston Globe blurb this morning while preparing to write this review. It states that Passing Strange is a "semi-autobiographical show by the LA musician and performer who calls himself Stew." It was somewhat satisfying to know that we'd both picked up on the subtleties of the play. Sorry for ruining the mystery for you readers.

I highly recommend the show. Make a weekend trip down to NYC. You won't regret it. How do you get down there? Refer to my previous post (here) for ways to get down there. I take the Lucky Star Chinatown Bus myself. You can't beat a $15 bus ticket if you're looking to travel cheap. And once you've decided on transportation, click (here) to get your tickets to Passing Strange.

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1 Response to "Passing Strange: A Review"

  1. Will Said,

    It must be a woman that brings you to NYC so often.

    Posted on 3/10/08, 1:16 PM


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