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Nordstrom Rack Coming This Fall

3/04/2008 11:07:00 AM
I'll start off by admitting that I loathe paying retail. I just won't do it unless it's absolutely necessary. A lot of what I do for work involves global sourcing in Asia - so I know what it costs to make a lot of the stuff we buy.

Those $300 earbuds that you bought - they cost about 3 dollars to manufacture. What makes it so expensive? The profit.

Nordstrom Inc. announced Tuesday it is opening its off-price retailing concept, Nordstrom Rack, at the Liberty Tree Mall in Danvers, Mass., this fall.

Nordstrom Rack is like TJ Maxx for highe-end brands - they usually sell old stuff that originated from the regular Nordstrom stores at discount prices. There was one in Texas where I used to live. They did great business.

I'm pretty psyched for this because I'm going to need to redo my wardrobe sometime soon. The cutting down on carbs has been working quite well. I'm down about 6-8 lbs since I started. Click (here) to read more about that.

Otherwise, click (here) to read the blurb in the Boston Business Journal.

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2 Response to "Nordstrom Rack Coming This Fall"

  1. Will Said,

    Asian cutting out carbs?? Good luck my friend.

    Posted on 3/4/08, 3:24 PM

  2. shopaphilia Said,

    Hooray for a Nordstrom Rack in MA!!!

    Posted on 3/4/08, 8:28 PM


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