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Harvard Med Lowers Tuition

3/24/2008 08:27:00 AM
Harvard has been all over the news lately, those attention whores. First, they kicked off the whole undergraduate financial aid increase movement that several other schools have joined in on (here). Then they futilely (in my opinion) attempted to do something to convince their law students to work for the forces of good as opposed to the force$ of evil (here).

And then just last week, it was the People's Elbow to the faces of transfer students everywhere (here). As you can see from the comments on that post, people are pissed off. And they should be. How can you make applications due by February and then suddenly a month later announce that you're not going to be accepting anyone for the next two years? Poor poor planning. Good luck to all of you who are stuck in this boat. Someone commented with all the names and numbers of relevant administrators at Harvard, so start making some angry phone calls.

Anyhoo, just this past weekend, Harvard announced that they would be lowering tuition for the folks in their medical school (here).

Oh and just so the rest of you don't feel left out. If you don't fall into any of the previously aforementioned categories, then you probably got yourself a 3.5% tuition increase. Click (here) to read that particular article from last week.

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