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Free MIT Courses Available Online

3/17/2008 02:39:00 PM
If I had more free time, I would spend a significant portion of it on MIT's open courseware site. Open courseware started just a few years ago, where MIT had undertaken an initiative to offer videotaped class lectures, notes, problem sets, exams - the whole shebang - for free online.

I have a backlog of stuff that I'm reading right now. I'm currently reading an Investment text book (because it's pointless to work had save money just to lose it all in the stock market), then I still have Ben Mezrich's new book Rigged in my queue along with a book on running (I've lost about 15 lbs, but I've got 20 more to go).

Once I get those off my plate - which should happen sometime before 2010 (I hope) - I'm hoping to revisit some of the classes that I sucked at back in the day. Namely 18.03 - differential equations, and 6.002 - Circuits and Electronics.

They've got 1800 classes to choose from, so whether you're a retiree that wants to fend off the Alzheimer's or a crazy/overzealous parent that wants to make sure you're kid has every advantage in school (sorry kids, didn't mean to ruin your weekends) - you should check it out. I'm sure there is a class that would interest you.

Click (here) to access MIT's open courseware. Harvard has a paltry 27 classes videotaped and available online through the Harvard extension school. But they're not free (so I'm not linking to them). Why? Because Harvard sucks....tee hee hee.

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