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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

3/17/2008 11:03:00 AM
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hopefully you all get a chance to go out during your lunchbreak and pound a few Guinness's before heading back to the office - just kidding - you should have Black & Tan's instead.

What's in store for folks today? If you haven't made plans yet, here are a few options for the evening. If you're using a 'sick day' to celebrate St. Paddy's day, head over to Game On! in Fenway. They're celebrating with Irish music, Red Sox triva, prize giveaways (including a 42" plasma tv), and drink specials.

They'll be showing the Red Sox - Yankees game that starts at 1:15pm today.

Or perhaps you couldn't bring yourself to use that 'floating holiday' and so you're saving the partying until tonight. In that case you could head over to Kings tonight for some free bowling, pool, live music, and comedy.

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