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Cambridge Is Number One Walking City

3/05/2008 10:17:00 AM
Congratulations to Cambridge for being named the "best walking city in America" by Prevention magazine. Boston got 9th place.

Cambridge is the best walking city in America, with more residents walking to work and more parks per square mile than any other city evaluated, according to a just-released study by Prevention magazine in its April issue and the American Podiatric Medical Association.

10 Best U.S. Walking Cities of 2008
1. Cambridge
2. New York, N.Y.
3. Ann Arbor, Mich.
4. Chicago, Ill.
5. Washington, D.C.
6. San Francisco
7. Honolulu
8. Trenton, N.J.
9. Boston
10. Cincinnati

10 Worst U.S. Walking Cities of 2008
1. Oklahoma City, Okla.
2. North Las Vegas, Nev.
3. Gadsden, Ala.
4. Davenport, Iowa
5. Mount Pleasant, S.C.
6. Enid, Okla.
7. Laredo, Texas
8. Springdale, Ark.
9. Clarksville, Tenn.
10. Lafayette, La.

Of all the cities they surveyed in Texas, they came up with Laredo? No one walks anywhere in Texas. Everything is too darned spread out. If I had to walk to school when I was a kid, it'd take me two hours each way.

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