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If you're a reality tv person, you might be interested to know that Audrina Patridge is going to be in Boston this weekend. She's going to be at The Estate hosting a Sheiki Jeans Fashion Show (which starts at 9pm)

For those of you that don't know her (including me), she's apparently on some reality tv show called The Hills. Maybe some readers can enlighten me about the show - I didn't even know what channel it's on (I googled it, it's on MTV).
Anyhoo, when I googled Audrina to find out who she was, I found that the most recent scandal about her is a set of photos that she posed for with the intent of getting into Playboy. Naturally, I also had to look around for the pics and found them (here). Warning, they are NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Wait till you get home, otherwise don't blame me when IT narcs on you and you get fired.

The pics were released about a week ago so it's sort of old news, unless you don't pay attention to teenage pop culture (like me). Here's a link to a news article (here) about the photos, this one's safe to read.

Click (here) to buy tickets to the event. Tickets are $20.

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