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The Globe had an article yesterday about where the single people are within the US. It's pretty interesting. Here are the general conclusions:

By far, the best places for single men are the large cities and metro areas of the East Coast and Midwest .... But women do have an advantage in the American West and Southwest.

Greater Boston is unusual among large metro areas. It is one of the very few with a near perfect balance of singles - having just 1,600 or so more women than men - 604,960 men to 606,580 women. Maybe that's why my guy friends tell me that it's way easier to chat up a girl at a bar in NYC than it is in Boston. There's ~210,000 more single women there than men.

Click (here) to read the Globe article.

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2 Response to "1.2 MM Single People in Greater Boston"

  1. Will Said,

    The issue of quality over quantity comes into play here. I always found the odds of success to chat up a girl at a bar/night club to be against the man.

    Maybe I just suck at it...

    Posted on 3/31/08, 3:47 PM

  2. "... in my experience..." Said,

    no you don't suck at it...women in Boston are cold fish, most of them no matter what age. It is the old money attitude with the older ones and the sense of entitlement with the younger ones. The late 20's up to about 40ish are either confused or bitter!
    Guys are simple when it comes to communicating...women are overly judgemental. It's New England man. I've had 100% success when i lived in the NYC area!

    Posted on 7/18/09, 12:47 PM


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