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A $1 Bus Ticket to NYC Coming Soon

3/12/2008 12:56:00 PM
This is what happens when I have to travel for work, I miss out on reading important news. I'm reading yesterday's Globe right now and on the front page, there is an article about a new bus service (a division of Greyhound) called Bolt Bus that is going to jump into the low priced Boston-NYC game starting next month.

Their lowest price? One dollar. They're currently serving a route from NYC to Washington and the basic setup is that they promise to offer at least one $1 seat on each bus. The remaining seats on the bus will be higher priced and prices will go up as the bus seats fill up to a max of $25.

Smart marketing? Of course, it got them on the front cover of the Globe afterall. But is it just another bus service? Supposedly not. According to another article I had read previously Bolt Bus is supposed to have more spacious seating, electrical sockets, and free wifi. That would make it amazing - seeing as how Vamoose got their permits revoked and currently isn't doing business in the Boston area.

Click (here) to read the Globe article. Lucky Star, eat your heart out. Click (here) to read about the other ways to get to NYC.

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1 Response to "A $1 Bus Ticket to NYC Coming Soon"

  1. John Said,

    You should check out BusJunction, it's a search engine for fares like that.

    Posted on 8/19/09, 9:42 PM


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