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We've got a lot of colleges/universities in the Boston area. What does that mean? Lots of broke students that will be paying off loans for the next fifteen years (me included, although I guess I'm down to twelve years now)

Upromise, a local company based in Newton, is holding a video contest where the winner will win $25K towards college tuition.

Think you or someone you know deserves $25,000 for college? Create a personal video and tell us why. Make us laugh. Make us cry. Just make it you. It's simple. Anyone - student, parent, grandparent or graduate can enter on behalf of themselves or their family members and friends. Just upload your video between now and March 23, 2008. We'll pick ten finalists then YOU - the voting public - decide the grand prize winner by casting votes online! Each finalist walks away with a $500 Bed Bath & Beyond® Gift Card, only one walks away with $25,000 for college! Aaaand, Action!

Click (here) for a link to the Tuition Tale contest. This should be easy for all you kids out there that are putting yourselves on YouTube anyway.

In addition to the Tuition Contest, Upromise also has a scholarship fund where they're giving away a total of $250K to 100 winners ($2500 each for those of you who aren't good at math).

Click (here) for a link to all the requirements to enter the scholarship contest.

Many thanks to Bloggery Reader Bethany for letting me know about this. Good luck to all the students out there. Dear Upromise - where were you about 7-8 years ago when I needed you?

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