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The Massachusetts Port Authority announced today that it is going to implement a new incentive package to try to attract international airlines to good 'ol Logan Airport.

Massport's board adopted the International Air Service Incentive Program at its February meeting. It will apply to new nonstop international service to destinations in Asia, including China and India, Central America, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Mexico City.

Nonstop flights to Asia are often cited as the number one service target among the Boston-area's business, academic and tourism communities, according to a Massport release.

Yeeee haw. I'm psyched because that means I won't have to fly out of JFK anymore whenever I go to Asia. I always have such a huge layover in New York and no one wants that after having sat on a plane for fifteen hours already.

Dear Logan, please concentrate on getting Singapore Airlines to come to Boston. Japan Airlines would be awesome too. And at the very least, please get Cathay Pacific. For those of you who haven't flown Singapore Airlines before - trust me, they are the best by leaps and bounds.

Click (here) for the original article in the Boston Business Journal.

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