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I've done this twice now (once a month for the last two months) so I think it's safe to say it works. Back in December, I joined one of those online survey companies that pays you to take surveys: For each survey you take, there is a designated 'dollar' value. Reach a certain amount of dollars and trade them in for actual rewards.

My reward of choice? Border's Rewards Cash. Each time I hit $15 in e-rewards money, I trade it in for $15 in Border's rewards cash. The cash is credited to your Border's account (you'll have to sign up for their rewards program - it's free though so it shouldn't be a problem) the month AFTER you actually make the request.

In addition, when you join the Borders rewards program, they send you coupons almost on a weekly basis. They usually range from 25%-30% off one book, but occasionally, they have a rare 40% off coupon code. That's usually when I strike.

So this afternoon during my lunch break, I walked over to the Border's on Newbury/Boylston and browsed for a book. Having been a big fan of his previous two books on the MIT blackjack team and also being supporter of everything local (Ben Mezrich and his wife Tonya live somewhere here in the Boston/Cambridge area) - I decided to pick up a copy of his new book "Rigged."

The book was $25.95. Minus the 40% off coupon = $15.57. Minus my $15 in Border's Cash = $0.57. And then they charged me tax on the 57 cents to bring it to a grand total of 60 cents.

There you have it. Yes, it takes a bit of time to get this done. But I've got it down to a system now where I pretty much accumulate $15 each month and trade it in for Border Cash, and have one new book to read each month. Yay for cheap books. Now if only the writer's would go back on strike, then i'd have more time to read books.........jk.

PS. For those of you who would just be happy with 40% off. Here's a link to the coupon. It's only good for two days and it expires today.

UPDATE: I don't know if it's always been there or if they just added it. But now E-rewards says you can only redeem once per calendar year. I can't be sure because I started doing this in December so since I've done it twice over Dec and Jan, that's technically 2 calendar years. BAH. I've been thwarted.

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