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For all the readers out there with kids or plan on having kids sometime in the not-so-distant future. A new website (or at least new to me) is coming to the Boston area called Freepeats.

Welcome to Freepeats – where you can get gently-used baby, kid, and maternity items like clothing, high chairs, bouncers, swings, bikes, and toys for free from other parents who have finished with them. It's also a way to get rid of baby cast offs without having to load up the car (and the kids) and take them to the thrift store.

Got baby, kid, or maternity stuff worth Freepeating? Post your own gently-used baby equipment, toys and clothes and pass it on to a like-minded thrifty parent (or future parent) like yourself!

The Boston section of freepeats is new, and so they're currently offering free memberships until the end of the month (2/29)

Click (here) to join.

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