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I am quite impressed with the line up that the clubs in Boston have been featuring lately. Off the top of my head Gypsy Bar had a handful of Playboy Models a little while back. Liquor Store had Steve-O. The Estate had Brody Jenner and Paris Hilton on separate occasions. Here's the latest and greatest:

Gypsy Bar will play host to Ashlee Simpson this upcoming Friday 2/29.

Ashlee Simpson makes her only Boston appearance on Friday, February 29th at Gypsy Bar, celebrating the release of her new single “Outta My Head”.

The new single is part of her LP release “Bittersweet World” due out this April. With Simpson’s new single rising up the charts she has plenty of reason to celebrate, and Gypsy Bar is the only spot in town to hang out with her!

Big sister Jessica is all washed up (I'm still mad at her for ruining the Dallas Cowboys winning streak). Now it's Ashlee's time to shine. I haven't heard her new song yet, I"ll see if I can find it somewhere - I'm currently hooked on Flo Rida's new song "Elevator" (they keep playing it over and over again on the MTV Jams channel).

Click (here) for the official invite on Gypsy Bar's site. It appears to have a snippet of Ashlee's song in the background.

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2 Response to "Ashlee Simpson Coming To Town Friday - 2/29"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    How do you get tickets?
    or do you just show up?

    Posted on 2/28/08, 11:26 AM

  2. Beantown Bloggery Said,

    Hi Punky,
    Yes I believe you can just show up and get tickets at the door. Cost is $10. You might have to go early though because I bet the line will be long.

    Posted on 2/28/08, 1:23 PM


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