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What CES Looks Like

1/08/2008 08:07:00 PM
Apparently CES attendance is way down this year. I don't know the exact number (too lazy/tired to Google it) but you can tell from the fact that the halls are not nearly as crowded as they were last year. Don't get me wrong, there's still a lot of people here. But last year it was like trying to maneuver through a nightclub - people were packed in like sardines everywhere you went.

Anyhoo, below is a picture of a typical shot of the convention hall at CES. Companies spend lots of money making their booths look nice. They also hire pretty women to wear skimpy outfits to stand in their booths. It's a little sad. Sorry, no pics of the women in skimpy outfits. There's already plenty of websites on the internet that specialize in that.

And below I have a picture of something that I thought was pretty neat. Not breathtaking or anything, but neat. I've been in nonstop meetings everyday so I haven't had time to scour the floor for cool stuff, but hopefully I will tomorrow. So everyone and their mom has noticed the surge in the digital photo frame category right? Everyone sells them nowadays.

The one below is a wifi digital photoframe from D-Link. Basically what it allows you to do is to upload your digital pictures to a website like flickr. Then, this photoframe can stream your photos off of the website.

How would I use it? I could set up one of these photoframes to stream pictures from my website and then I'd mail the frame to my grandparents (they're not very tech savvy). Then, I could upload new pictures to my online photo album anytime and my grandparents would automatically be able to see them on the photoframe. I think that's a pretty neat idea.

I'll keep my eyes peeled for stuff that's a little more exciting tomorrow.

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