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Toscanini's in Trouble Also!

1/22/2008 12:15:00 PM
Man, you leave the country for one week and the whole world falls apart. Apparently, Toscanini's is in trouble, too. According to what I've been able to read, they fell behind on some taxes that they owe and have since been shut down.

Anybody know how long they've been closed? I haven't eaten at Tosci's since my college days, but a local institution is a local institution - it's sad to see you go.

The owner has started a website to solicit donations to help pay for the backtaxes that they owe. Click (here) to go to the website. So far they've raised $13K+ and their goal is to raise $25K.

If you're in the giving mood - head over to their website and make a contribution.

Dear Toscanini's:

I won't be donating because as you've admitted on your site, it was your responsibility to pay the taxes, and I don't feel that the burden should fall on others to pay your bills. However, I do respect you guys as a local Boston landmark and wish you the best of luck on your journey to get things back in order.

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2 Response to "Toscanini's in Trouble Also!"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    So the moral is: Don't leave town :-).

    They were shut down this past Thursday.

    Posted on 1/22/08, 1:53 PM

  2. Blog Name Said,

    I had reservations about the campaign when I first heard abou it. But Toscannini's and the Rancantore's mean alot to people in their community. I don't think we should underestimate folks desire to help. No one is being to asked to give against their principles.

    I also remember stories from sister when she was an auditor in CT. She would refuse to assess to fines when a Mom and Pop operation had clearly just messed up - with no intention of evading taxes. Even so, some of those businesses went under, and it broke her heart to see it happen.

    I am all for more chances for communities to come together. P

    Posted on 1/25/08, 3:26 PM


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