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Patriots vs Chargers

1/14/2008 01:07:00 AM
Congrats to the Patriots for extending their record to 17-0 after defeating the Jaguars. I know all of you know it already and it's not news - but something really funny (and sad) showed up on my google page.

I have an RSS feed that shows me the most popular search terms on Google and number 7 as of right now is "Terrell Owens Crying." It's a little sad because I'm originally from Dallas so I would have loved to see a superbowl with the Cowboys and the Patriots. But, alas I guess it won't happen this year.

I didn't get to see the game because I'm in Hong Kong right now and missed it in lieu of a breakfast meeting with some clients - was T.O. crying when they lost?

Anyhoo. Chargers are up next. Who's going to the Superbowl? Pats and Packers?

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2 Response to "Patriots vs Chargers"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Posted on 1/14/08, 9:25 AM

  2. BeanTownBoy Said,

    Pats and Packers, yes.

    Pats win.

    Posted on 1/14/08, 10:00 AM


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