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Casinos in MA Poll Results

1/02/2008 10:49:00 AM
For those of you that only read my blog through RSS or via Email, you missed out on my first ever unofficial Beantown Bloggery Poll. Nevertheless, here are the results.

Should we have casinos in Massachusetts?

Yes! - 29%
It Beats Driving to Connecticut - 13%
No! - 41%
I Don't Gamble, So I Don't Care - 14%

The "No's" really came out swinging the last couple days of the poll. For most of the week that the poll was being held, the Yes's were pretty strong with the majority vote, but by the time the poll ended on New Years at midnight the winner was the No's.

Personally, I voted for "It Beats Driving to Connecticut." I think I go down to the casinos maybe once or twice a year. I've been to Foxwoods about three times and Mohegan Sun once.

Do you guys have any suggestions on something else I should poll? It's fun to hear everyone's opinions (I don't get out much - hehe).

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