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Beantown Bloggery on Facebook

1/15/2008 05:01:00 PM
Did I ever mention that I started a group on Facebook for Beantown Bloggery readers? Scope out the other folks in the area that read the blog and support the Bloggery.

If I started a bulletin board for folks to post restaurant reviews and events and such, would that be helpful? I've just been brainstorming some ideas on how to make the Bloggery better - any suggestions you guys have would be great.

Click (here) to join the Facebook group. It's called "I Read the Beantown Bloggery." Maybe you can use it to meet some other Bostonians in the area.

Guy 1 - "Hi, I noticed you read the Beantown Bloggery"
Girl 1 - "Yes, it's an awesome site."
Guy 1 - "I agree. Look how much we have in common. Wanna grab dinner sometime?"
Girl 1 - "Absolutely!"

That's how it would probably go.......

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