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Matt Light Appearance - 12/8

12/07/2007 03:11:00 PM
Matt Light is going to be at the new Circuit City in Foxboro tomorrow 12/8 from noon to 1pm. Only a one hour window, so if you're die hard Patriots fan and want to meet him be sure to be on time. For those of you that aren't into sports click (here) to read his bio.

Matt's going to be there for something called the Samsung HD Tour '07 and the most important part is that obviously the free stuff you could potentially get. They're giving away $100 gift cards if you purchase certain Samsung TVs and they've also got a Madden '08 competition where you're competing for a $100 gift card.

All that practice at home playing online versus 12 yr olds has finally paid off. Head over to Foxboro tomorrow and kick some Madden butt and go home with a gift card that you can spend on more video games. I would recommend Guitar Hero III or Rock Band.

And while you're down there, head over to Bass Pro Shops. I blogged about it (here).

PS. Buy a Vizio TV not a Samsung - way better value. Unless of course you're swimming in money. In which case, buy a Samsung (or two Vizio's).

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1 Response to "Matt Light Appearance - 12/8"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    I vote getting the 2 VIZIO's!!

    Posted on 12/7/07, 6:37 PM


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