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Famous Bostonian's Homes

12/29/2007 02:12:00 PM
Happy Holidays everyone. I took a couple days off because yesterday was my birthday and I've been home visiting my family.

If you've been hiding in a rock for the past several years, Improper Bostonian has the listings of the 'reported' homes of a few famous Bostonians. I guess they say 'reported' because these folks probably have multiple homes (one for each day of the week).

Tom Brady - Back Bay
The top of two floors of a Beacon Street townhouse inbetween Fairfield and Exeter.
I thought he was selling those though (here). The Improper goes on to say that Mr. Brady owns multiple properties in the area so chances of seeing him at the townhouse are lower.

John Kerry - Beacon Hill
Lives in a five-floor townhouse on the corner of Pinkney Street and Louisburg Square.

John Malkovich - Harvard Square
Lives in a $2.8 million dollar mansion in Harvard Square off Craigie Street.
This one surprised me. Does J. Malkovich really live in Boston? That's pretty awesome. I've never read or heard anything about him being in the Boston area.

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