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Dog Rental Service Coming to Boston

12/17/2007 02:27:00 PM
Apparently people aren't happy that FlexPetz is coming to Boston. It was frontpage news in the Globe this morning and Michael Graham was talking about it this morning on the radio.

FlexPetz is a California-based dog rental company. I first read about it a little while ago when it came to New York. I'm not a pet person so I shouldn't really talk. But from my observation, it's just so much harder to have a dog up here than it was when I lived in Texas.

In Texas, your dog can just run around in and out of the house year round as it pleased (if you had a doggy door). In Boston though (especially downtown) no one has a yard and it's also cold for much of the year. At my former job, a coworker of mine had a HUGE dog and she had to leave work everyday at 5pm to go walk her dog otherwise it tore her condo apart. It just seems like such a huge hassle in the city.

So, in my opinion in a city like Boston, for those that travel a lot for work or just can't get home at the same time everyday- Flexpetz seems like a good idea.

My only question is, what happens if you're renting a dog and that dog bites/attacks somebody. Who's liable?

Click (here) to read the Globe article yourself.

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2 Response to "Dog Rental Service Coming to Boston"

  1. Will Said,

    Great question on the bite liability. I was wondering something similar about liability to your home if the dog eats a diamond ring or worse my TV remote.

    Posted on 12/17/07, 3:26 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    So what happens if your rental dog bites someone, as dogs who are stressed (read: frustrated, angry, confused after being passed from renter to renter every few hours or days) are prone to do?

    If you're lucky, you go to the ER. If the dog bites someone else, you're screwed. Personal injury attorneys will take your heart, liver and spleen if your life savings aren't enough.

    They cast a wide net. They'll sue FlexPetz AND you and probably your Great-Aunt Martha too.

    Do you know of a homeowner's insurer that offers a "rental dog rider"?

    Posted on 12/31/07, 9:23 AM


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