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Bob Cramer - Serial CEO

12/24/2007 10:08:00 AM
I always get a little excited when I'm reading a regular magazine (not one that's Boston-focused) and then the article ends up taking place in Boston. Yes, I'm weird like that.

So imagine how happy I was when I read the latest issue of Inc Magazine (a magazine about entrepreneurship) and the cover story was on Bob Cramer - a Boston resident. I like to consider myself a fledgling entrepreneur and it's inspirational to read stories like the one on Mr. Cramer.

The article covers Cramer's attempts to get VC funding for a company called Nimbit that he was helping out while juggling offers from VCs to run companies they had invested in. I got a taste of the VC game when I did the 50K competition while I was in school at MIT (I hear they've since increased it to 100K).

I won't ruin the ending for you because I think it's a worthwhile article to read for any of you out there that want to work in start ups. Click (here) to read the article for yourself.

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