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Best Public High Schools in MA

12/06/2007 02:34:00 PM
This week's US New and World Report has a cover story on the 100 top public schools in America. This is most likely a lot more important to the parents out there, but I will admit that I've thought about this myself. It's mini-storytime, but before I start, you should know that the #1 school this year was Thomas Jefferson High (TJ) in Alexandria, VA.

If you live in Boston, chances are pretty good that you know someone from TJ. I know probably a dozen. Every year, TJ sends LOTS of their students to top notch universities in Boston like MIT and Harvard. One of my frat brothers that I still hang out with a lot is from TJ. Let's just say that his high school education and my high school education (I went to a regular public school in Texas) were drastically different. To quote the article "Boston Latin is so much harder than what we do in college." I don't know where that girl went to school, but my experience was the exact opposite. High school was easy, MIT was hard.

Here is a list of all the public schools and their ranks that made the cut in Massachusetts. Remember that this doesn't include private schools - just Public ones.

#19 Boston Latin (Boston)
#60 Weston High (Weston)
#65 Dover-Sherborn Regional High (Dover)
#70 Wellesley Senior High (Wellesley)
#99 Media and Technology Charter - MATCH (Boston)

Click (here) to access the web version of the article.

Congratulations to the 5 schools that made the list. Thanks for all the hard work to all the teachers and students.

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1 Response to "Best Public High Schools in MA"

  1. Dan Dan Said,

    Yeah, but a lot of the US News rankings are baloney. You've gotta take a look at what it's based on.

    In this case, two of the three criteria are how well the school does with "disadvantaged" people: first socioeconomically, then by race. The third is on the percentage of seniors that take and score a 3 or higher on an AP exam. Not the number of APs offered. Not even the number of APs passed by the graduating class.

    While my High School was private, and also never gives it's info to the US News for the Best Private School List, I can refer to it for the AP part. At my school, the teacher had to recommend you to take an AP, and they wouldn't if they didn't think you were definitely getting a 4 or 5. That means that many students taking AP courses never sat for AP exams, but those who did often took several and scored well. My school also offered like every exam available, so students could specialize in the areas they found most interesting. Sounds pretty good, but it wouldn't do well by this algorithm.

    Whatever, it's all moot because those APs got me like no credit and you did well in college despite the fact that your HS was "easy". These rankings are pretty much just so rich and/or foreign parents can brag to one another about their kids.

    Posted on 12/6/07, 11:08 PM


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