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I have to say that the recent Pats games have been fairly boring to watch. Watching them destroy the Redskins last week really wasn't that enjoyable. There was no suspense. Just touchdown after touchdown.

Of course I'm glad we won, but if I wasn't on a treadmill and needed to distract myself from the fact that I was running (I hate running); I would have switched it off. This weekend's game will be different. The currently undefeated Patriots take on the currently undefeated Colts.

Where should you watch the game? Normally I'd say in the comfort of your own home, especially since Hurricane Noel is going to make life painful for at least the first half of the weekend. BUT, this little tidbit may sway your decision.

The Joshua Tree Bar & Grill in Allston will be hosting the Patriots Cheerleaders Viewing Party from 4pm to 6pm. That's right: cheerleaders + beer + football = happiness.

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1 Response to "Where to Watch The Pats Crush the Colts"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    And if you can't make it out, Bostonist's Michael Femia will be live-blogging the whole shebang!

    Posted on 11/2/07, 1:32 PM


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