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Did you miss your chance to see the musical Sweeney Todd while it was in Boston? I did too. Fret not, there's a movie version coming to theaters soon - Christmas-time.

There's a few things about this movie that have already put it on my "To Watch" list: Tim Burton directing, Johnny Depp acting, and the overall revenge plot line. I love revenge movies - righting the wrong - that type of movie.

My favorite book (the movie was ok) is the Count of Monte Cristo. It has to be the pinnacle of revenge movies. But it goes beyond just killing your enemies. Edmond Dantes spends decades transforming himself from a poor sailor into the Count of Monte Cristo before stripping his enemies of everything. The best scene from the movie arrives in the end when his enemy Fernand is stripped of all his riches, his wife, and then it's revealed to him that even his son is not his own. Utter destruction. What goes around comes around right? He deserved it.

This is basically what happens to Sweeney Todd as well. A corrupt Judge gets him thrown in jail so that he can marry Todd's wife. Sweeney Todd comes back as the Demon Barber of Fleet Street to exact revenge on those that ruined his life.

I'll be home for Christmas which makes it even better. The stadium seating in TX is way better than it is Boston. w00t. If you want to see the trailer or get any additional info, visit Sweeney Todd on MySpace or you can also visit the official Sweeney Todd movie site.

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