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I recently found out that one of the members of my extended family has Alzheimer's. I didn't hear too many of the details, but it's really quite sad to think about what he must be going through: not being able to recognize family members, and even having trouble putting sentences together as words have begun to fail him.

With November being Alzheimer's Awareness month, I'm sure you'll all see inklings of it in the news. Don't ignore it. If someone you know is showing symptoms, it's important to encourage them to go for a memory screening test so that at least you'll know early.

November 13th is National Memory Screening Day, you can click (here) to find a facility that carries out screening tests. And also get some memory and successful aging tips from the Alzheimer's Foundation.

The important thing to recognize is that Alzheimer's Disease is NOT a normal part of aging. People always joke about senility being just a part of getting old. Just because you're getting old this doesn't mean you should be forgetting things.

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive, degenerative disorder that attacks the brain's nerve cells, or neurons, resulting in loss of memory, thinking and language skills, and behavioral changes.

For more details about it, you can click (here) to get a more scientific explanation as to what exactly happens in the brain when one develops Alzheimer's Disease. For the most recent scientific discoveries click (here) about an article on biomarkers that scientists believe can help to identify Alzheimer's Disease. This is important because if this is accurate, any new drugs developed that can decrease the presence of these biomarkers is a good sign that we can combat Alzheimer's.

You've got about two months to affect your 2007 taxes =), so if you're looking for a charitable donation to make a holiday gift to, perhaps the Alzheimer's Foundation could be the one you choose. Until the day that we CAN cure Alzheimer's, we need to do our best to support groups like the Alzheimer's Foundation and the outreach that they do.

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