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This is nuts, I was just at Caffe Graffiti this past Saturday and there was no indication whatsoever that it was closing. According to an article in the Globe a couple of days ago it could close "as soon as Friday."

So the close date is up in the air? Any regulars at Caffe Graffiti have the inside scoop on when it will really close down?

Damien DiPaola, the landlord is expected to start a restaurant at that site now that he's sold his other restaurant: Carmelina's (in Hadley).

He said he now wants to operate a smaller restaurant with about 40 seats in the bustling North End. He's planning a tapas-style menu, with small samplings of Italian cuisine served from morning to late night.

Well, my advice to everyone is to assume the worst and that it's closing this Friday. If that's the case, hurry down there and have a cappuccino and some hazelnut gelato before it's too late. First Bob's Southern Bistro closes, now this. Oy. Click (here) to read the article.

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1 Response to "North End Caffe Graffiti To Close Soon"

  1. Will Said,

    These stories all go back to the theme of Buying Local. May it be groceries, services or restaurants. It is sad to see local landmarks get the boot, but the life cycle of business always has the final say.

    This is another reason why there should be a way to track restaurant head chefs as we track the restaurants itself. Kind of like the stats for baseball.....hmm good idea, but needs more thought.

    Posted on 11/28/07, 9:23 AM


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