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So I hopped into a cab this morning to head to the airport and right around the financial district area, I started seeing those neon green cardboard signs with big black letters on them. I'd seen enough of them this summer to realize this meant they're filming a movie somewhere nearby.

So my cab turned onto Summer street, headed into the Seaport District, and lo and behold more neon signs with arrows. The signs bore the letters "LM." I was racking my brains.....perhaps they're doing a "Last of the Mohicans" remake?

Well after a little poking around, I've discovered that the movie is The Lonely Maiden. Filming starts today and stars Morgan Freeman, William H. Macey, and Christopher Walken (here).

"Maiden," written by Michael LeSieur ("You, Me and Dupree"), centers on three museum security guards who have become attached to the artwork they've watched over for decades. When they learn their beloved pieces are to be transferred to another museum, they concoct a scheme to "steal" them back.

So if you're star-hunting, today they should be somewhere in the Seaport District (I didn't get to follow the signs all the way to their destination) and according to a Globe (here), future shooting will take place "in the North End and at Murphy's Law in Southie."

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1 Response to "The Lonely Maiden Filming Starts Today"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    They're filming over at the State House, on the Derne St side and should be there until the end of December... I saw Christopher Walken after his scene ended!

    Posted on 12/1/07, 4:04 PM


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