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Haru: A Review

11/14/2007 03:09:00 PM
Has anyone else noticed that the only restaurants opening in Boston lately are either sushi restaurants or steak houses? Not that I'm complaining, I love myself some sushi or a nice medium rare ribeye. But what ever happened to variety?

We went to Haru this past weekend to check it out. For those of you that haven't been keeping up, Haru (a Japanese chain out of NYC) has taken over the space that was formerly Dick's Last Resort at the Prudential Center. Click (here) to read more about the restaurant.

How was the food? I'd have to say average. I found the menu to be a little short. Maybe I'm too used to Douzo or Fugakyu where the menu goes on for pages and pages. But nothing on the menu really jumped off the page at me.

We tried a couple of the specialty rolls and I have to say that the ingredients they chose to go into each roll just didn't mesh well together. Dear Haru: Please redo your specialty rolls menu.

Lastly, we had a few pieces of nigiri: Salmon, Yellowtail, Scallop, and Sea Urchin. They were fine. I think the scallop was my favorite.

Overall, I was not terribly impressed with Haru. Of the three sushi places in the immediate vicinity (Osushi, Douzo, and Haru) I'm planning on stickign with Douzo. And if you're curious, I'd rank them Douzo, then Haru, then Osushi. Osushi is HORRIBLE. Actually let me rephrase, the sushi at Osushi is HORRIBLE. The drinks are fine.

I haven't tried Oiishi Boston yet (in the South End). Yes, I know its been open forever but I can't bring myself to try it because everyone keeps telling me it's so expensive. It's the same reason I haven't been to O Ya (South Station) yet. I know one of the sushi chefs there and I still won't go, cause he told me "You won't make it out of there without spending at least $100".

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4 Response to "Haru: A Review"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    If you think Fugakyu is good, then you need to check out Nori on Harvard ave, not too far from Coolidge Corner. Cheaper and better.

    I love the place!

    Posted on 11/15/07, 12:37 AM

  2. Will Said,

    I feel the same way about Oishii. Regardless of what the food tastes like, a high price point will deter even many diners.

    I recommend Oga in Natick, Koreana in Cambridge and there is always Fugaku* in Brookline.

    Thanks for the review

    Posted on 11/15/07, 8:15 AM

  3. BFW (Tammy) Said,

    I too have noticed a sudden influx of sushi places and steakhouses!

    We love Village Sushi in Roslindale (sister restaurant of JP Seafood). They have some greate "special" maki rolls AND they deliver!!!

    Even though I heard it's expensive, I will still be checking out Oishii in the S. End. I can't help it... the menu just looks too yummy!

    Feel free to check out my blog for restaurant suggestions as well:

    Happy eating!

    Posted on 11/15/07, 9:00 AM

  4. Andrew T. Said,

    Haru in NYC is one of my favorite spots for sushi, behind Nobu which is in it's own league, but the Boston one needs to work out some kinks. I thought the food was good, but the service had some kinks to work out, being so new and all. I'd give it another shot, as I said, the NYC locations are spot on and this one will likely be as well.

    I have tried Douzo and found the atmosphere really bland, and the prices to be expensive (more than Haru) and that expensive-ness not really justified in the quality of the food.

    The best food around, with zero atmosphere, in the sushi genre is Tsunami in Brookline, behind Fugakyu. Check it out, it is stellar.

    I have some more in depth reviews here (my sushi reviews)

    Posted on 11/15/07, 9:31 AM


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