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Brownstone: A Review

11/05/2007 11:28:00 AM
For those of you unfamiliar with the South End, there was a mediocre bbq restaurant on Dartmouth street called Prairie Star that in the past year has been renovated and turned into Brownstone. I'd seen advertisements for it in Stuff@Night and some of the other local magazines but had never tried it. Well, this past Sunday, my girlfriend and I had brunch there.

It was the worst meal we've had in years. There were so many problems, I'm not sure where to start: the beginning I suppose.

1. The half and half for the coffee was curdled/spoiled.
2. The cheeseburger pizza appetizer was luke warm and bland.
3. To the waitress: If you're not going to write down our orders, please make sure you get the orders correct. Bringing me the wrong omelette and then staring down at your blank notepad over and over again doesn't fix things.
4. How do you mess up a bacon cheeseburger? My gf's cheeseburger was inedible.

It's partly my fault. The fact that the restaurant was empty should have been an indication to keep walking. Also, I should have checked chowhound first. The reviews there (here) for Brownstone are also quite bad.

To Brownstone: I hope you go out of business soon, so that a real restaurant can take over.

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1 Response to "Brownstone: A Review"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Prarie Star was mediocre. Brownstone seems determined to continue the trend. At least it's a place to have a drink and watch TV when the line at Clery's inexplicably starts wrapping around the block. Why the hell do they have lines?

    Posted on 11/19/07, 5:52 PM


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