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Boston Murder Map

11/18/2007 06:01:00 PM
Stumbled upon this while reading the Saturday Globe. Boston Online has created a Google Map that lists all the murders that have occurred in the Boston area for the past six months.

It's quite interesting. Most of downtown Boston is relatively safe in terms of not getting murdered. Dorchester and Roxbury though, are not so safe (we already knew this though right?).

Still, it's pretty interesting to be able to scroll through the map and see what's taken place where.

Click (here) to see the map on Boston Online.

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1 Response to "Boston Murder Map"

  1. eeka Said,

    Keep in mind though that neighborhood boundaries are artificial. There are parts of Roxbury and Dorchester that very rarely have any violent crime and are described as safe by the residents. They're both big neighborhoods (Dorchester is really really big), and crime tends to be concentrated in a few select areas in each neighborhood. It isn't as if the second you step into Roxbury addresses, you're right in violent terrority, and the second you step back into JP or South End addresses, you're perfectly safe.

    Posted on 11/19/07, 3:27 PM


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