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Yakitori in Boston?

10/20/2007 05:17:00 PM
When my girlfriend first took me to yakitori in NYC (some area called St. Marks Place if I remember correctly) I found it to be rather awesome. Sure it's just meat on a stick, but boy was it tasty. They had a pretty extensive menu and you paid per stick, so you could order a huge variety.

What does this have to do with Boston? Well I've been hoping that eventually someone would open one in Boston, and it looks like someone sort of has done just that. STIX is opening up in the South End adjacent to 33 Lounge - where Bomboa used to be. According to Improper Bostonian, skewers constitute 40% of the menu and are served in sets of 3 for $9. $3 per skewer sounds a little expensive. I'll need to check out the places in NYC again, but I think they were $1.50-$2 per skewer.

There's a restaurant in Chinatown that's for sale right now (pretty good price too in my opinion). I'm secretly hoping someone buys it and turns it into a yakitori restaurant. Different is what works. Look at how amazing ShabuZen is doing in Chinatown. That's because it's different. If there are any restaurateurs out there that like this idea. Take the ball and run with it. I'd love to have some real yakitori in Boston.

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