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Where Daisuke Matsuzaka Gets Sushi

10/05/2007 10:31:00 AM
I was hanging out on Wednesday night with a few friends that are sushi chefs in the Boston area and heard on good authority that my former favorite sushi restaurant is in fact one of Daisuke Matsuzaka's favorites. If you don't know who Dice-K is, crawl out of your fallout shelter and watch a Red Sox game or two.

Why is it my former favorite? Well for one, it's a bit far away - my office used to be right out there in Natick, so I'd swing by after work to grab a bite to eat. Now my office is downtown. Weeks go by without me needing to hop in my car. Reason number two is that when eating alone, it's nice to be able to sit at the bar and chat with the sushi chefs. All of the chefs that I liked ended up moving to other restaurants.

As a result, I only make it out to Oga's once every few months. How often does Daisuke eat there? I was told once a week. How often does his wife eat there? Once or twice a week. Daisuke's a pretty busy guy, so often times it's just his wife and a few of her friends.

A few more factoids for you. Yes, there is a person named Oga. He owns the restaurant. He's a great guy and makes terrific sushi. When I used to go there frequently (over a year ago), Oga would work the sushi bar himself on Monday's and Tuesdays (his schedule has probably changed since then). I made it a point to eat there on those days. I'd just sit down, share a carafe of sake with him, and tell him that I'd eat whatever he made.

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1 Response to "Where Daisuke Matsuzaka Gets Sushi"

  1. Jon Said,

    I can confirm that Dice-K and his wife frequent Oga's.

    Posted on 11/8/07, 1:07 AM


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