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Skirt Magazine

10/01/2007 01:30:00 PM
There's a new green magazine stand next to all the other free magazines/newspapers that you pick up on the street corner for a magazine called Skirt. The magazine dispenser started showing up about 2 weeks ago with a notice that said "Coming Soon - October 1st."

Being an avid reader of all the other free publications out there, it piqued my interest. Obviously with a name like Skirt, I figured it would be more geared towards the female population, but that it would still have some valuable information.

Not to be rude, but I was wrong. I picked up their first issue today as I walked to lunch and I'm a disappointed. There was not a single article that I found interesting enough to read in its entirety.

According magazine, Skirt is "a magazine that fits all ages and interests...that's local without being provincial, that's passionate about women's rights...that's part fashionista, part femenist."

Maybe it's because I'm a twenty-something guy that I can't relate, but the magazine is about 85% advertisements and the articles just weren't very interesting. I'll keep picking up issues though to browse through them. I just hope the content gets a little better. Otherwise, you're just killing trees.

Click (here) for the official website. But just like the magazine, it doesn't have any content yet. Hopefully they're working out the kinks and this new magazine will take off in the near future.

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2 Response to "Skirt Magazine"

  1. Anonymous Said,

    I picked up a copy on Saturday. Initial impressions:

    Jesus, who's going to lug something that large around? Roll a few of those puppies up and you won't need to buy any logs for the fireplace this winter.

    Also, you may have missed some of the articles because the articles about fashion are all cleverly designed to look exactly like ads; which got annoying after awhile (OK, after about 30 seconds). Fortunately for Skirt, I'm not in their target demographic, either.

    Posted on 10/1/07, 2:12 PM

  2. Anonymous Said,

    Re: Skirt magazine: it might be a demographic thing, guys! I'm a 37 year old professional woman who likes fashion, baubles, feminism and quick, fun reads. The Weekly Dig is still my favorite, but I'll definitely look for Skirt magazine in the future :-)

    Posted on 2/25/08, 12:00 PM


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