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10/03/2007 12:45:00 PM
I've always done my best to respond to people's comments by either posting another comment in that same post or using the chatterbox on the sidebar. One of my fears, though, is that if the commenter didn't bookmark the page and come back often, they'd never know if they got a response or not.

So, I've added a widget on the right hand side to display the most recent 5 comments and removed the chatterbox to see if this helps. This way, everyone can have a little bit more visibility into the mini-conversations that are going on right now.

Let me know if you really liked the chatterbox and I'll try to find a way to squeeze it back onto the page.

PS. MissPiggy, if you're reading, someone was asking if you could provide the upcoming shoot location for the Pink Panther 2.


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