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Miz Wizard's Science Secrets - 10/21

10/18/2007 03:22:00 PM
Two of my favorite things in life are science and girls. Biology was more my thing while in school. Physics was the bane of my existence. But, I digress. This Sunday, my two favorite things are coming together for an event called "Miz Wizard's Science Secrets."

Bring a friend-young, old, male, female--to this solo performance and see how many of the women scientists mentioned you recognize. Yes, we've come a long way. Yet, it's always good to be reminded of the often ludicrous barriers that female scientists over time has had to overcome. This is definitely NOT a depressing lecture, however!

Instead, Dr. Jane Curry will tell the stories of historical and contemporary women scientists and inventors with humor and fanfare. A few non-exploding demonstrations are included! So don't lament that none of the Nobel Prize winners in science this year are women!

This event is sponsored by several different groups for the purpose of promoting women in science. Click (here) for the official website and additional information.

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