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Has anyone eaten at Haru before? It's a New York City chain owned by the Benihana Inc. They took over the space in the Prudential Center previously occupied by Dick's Last Resort and according to a sign I saw this weekend while walking through the mall, it opens TODAY.

According a super old Globe article (here):

The 165-seat Haru restaurant will include a sushi bar, a lounge area, private event space, and outdoor seating, Boston Properties said.

"Haru is one of today's most renowned names in Japanese cuisine," Bryan J. Koop, senior vice president of Boston Properties, said in a statement. "Their innovative menu, partnered with the restaurant's Asian-influenced and stylish decor, is a perfect addition to the Prudential Center's restaurant offerings."

I am a big sushi fan, so I welcome the addition. I just wish it was Nobu instead of Haru. No offense to Haru, I haven't tried you yet so maybe you're terrific. But man, Nobu is delicious....

If anyone decides to go check it out on opening night tonight, please let me know what you think.
PS. Sorry for not posting this weekend, I was too busy watching the Red Sox kick the living daylights out of the Rockies. w00t.

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