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Free 60 Day Pass at BJ's Club

10/01/2007 12:17:00 PM
I'm more of a Costco guy myself, I go there every couple of weeks to pick up a case of water, Vitamin Water, and some fruit. Also, whenever I get a flat tire, which is way too often (Thank you crappy Boston roads), I head over to Costco to get a replacement.

There was also that PlayStation 3 impulse buy from last year. That one hurt. I went in to get a flat tire replaced, and was told it'd take 45 minutes so I could go into the main warehouse and walk around. Instead of spending 150 bucks on a tire, I spent ~$900 on a tire and a PS3. I couldn't resist. Everyone else was sold out.

But I digress, in yesterday's Globe, there was a flyer for a free 60 day pass for BJ's Wholesale Club. That's a far cry from their usual one-day passes that I see on occasion. For those of you that want to test the waters. I scanned the flyer for you. See below. I think if you click on the image it should enlarge.

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