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Boston Comic Con - 10/21

10/18/2007 03:41:00 PM
Boston Comic Con is coming up this Sunday. I was never into comic books mostly because I was broke as a kid. Who in the world could afford paying $3 for 10 pages worth of reading. You'd be better off paying $6 bucks for an actual book that had content. Or going to the library and reading for free.

Anyway, I just recently got into my first comic book series thanks to my friend Erin. She recommended a comic called "Y the Last Man." It's a series about a guy named Yorick who, along with his pet monkey, are the only surviving men on earth after some sort of plague wipes out all the men. It's very addictive. I'm through the first six books. Books 7, 8, and 9 are on their way from right now. I'm psyched.

But even then, here's the thing. So, Amazon was the cheapest place I could find them: a little over $10 bucks per book (each book is a compilation of 6 comic books). With 9 books currently out (the comic series isn't finished yet) that's about $100 I've already spent on comic books. Each book literally takes me about 10-15 minutes to read. It's a great series and all, but even the 7th Harry Potter book took me an entire evening to read and that was only $20.

The cost to duration of entertainment ratio is way off on comic books. But, if you're a fan, head over the the Back Bay Events Center this SUnday 10/21 from 10am to 5pm for the Boston Comic Convention. Click (here) for the official website.

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