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Bad Feng Shui on Newbury Street

10/20/2007 05:31:00 PM
I have always wondered about the perpetually changing restaurants that have occupied the space at 279A Newbury Street at the corner of Newbury and Gloucester. When I first arrived in Boston, it was Saffron. Then it was 279A, and then INQ, and then Luigi & Roscoe's. None of these restaurants have been able to make it in that space - which boggled my mind. How could there be so much turnover for prime real estate on Newbury? Bad feng shui perhaps?

Admittedly, I never ate at any of those restaurants while they were around. Nothing ever really caught my eye on the menus they had displayed out front.

Well, perhaps fifth time's a charm. One World Cuisine (owners of Kashmir, Diva, Mantra, etc) are turning the space into "Cafeteria." It's going to be an American-Italian cafe opening up at the end of October.

Just turn it into a Chipotle. Then I wouldn't have to drive all the way out to Medford to get one of their delicious barbacoa burritos. Yum. What can I say, I'm easy to please.

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2 Response to "Bad Feng Shui on Newbury Street"

  1. Dan Dan Said,

    I think we all went there for a House event when it was Saffron... but I definitely never went again. Underwhelming at $20 bucks a plate from what I remember.

    Posted on 10/21/07, 1:22 AM

  2. Will Said,

    Before Saffron I believe it was a Japanese restaurant that didn't make it. What can you say, the place is cursed.

    If the blogger is up for a burrito, I can surely show him some of the best places in town.

    Thanks for the info.

    Posted on 10/22/07, 10:37 PM


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