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A Night At The Rock Opera Tickets

9/07/2007 10:26:00 AM
Thanks to Adam for letting me know about this upcoming event - A Night at the Rock Opera. A Somerville based group called the Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra (URO) will be putting on a series of concerts at the Wilbur Theater starting in Late October. Tickets went on sale at 10am this morning. See below for a mini-excerpt describing the show.

A Night at the Rock Opera will feature spectacular sound and lighting as the 23-member production performs music from the Beatles, The Who, David Bowie, Queen and Jesus Christ Superstar, along with Will We Rock You?, the URO’s all-original mini-opera. We believe this is a great story - Boston producers, Boston band and singers, Boston production breathing new life into these great classic rock songs and at classic Boston venue.

And you know me, I'm all about concerts and I'm all about supporting anything Boston related. I digress, but did anyone else make it out to Lupo's (in Providence) last night to see the Arctic Monkeys? It was an awesome show. They should have come to Boston instead, it would have saved me some gas.

To be honest, I had never heard of The URO prior to this so I did a little research. Click (here) for a link to their official website where you can download a couple of videos or listen to audio. I downloaded the Bohemian Rhapsody video and was pretty impressed. Next stop on the research train - MySpace. They've got one of those also (here).

Now that my interest is thoroughly piqued, time to check out Ticketmaster. Click (here) for the list of concert dates. If you notice, it's a seated concert and all the tickets are the same price. What does that mean? It means buy your tickets NOW so you get good seats for $35 as opposed to waiting for a few weeks to buy and paying the same $35 for crappier seats.

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